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po ang - wyciskacz lez dla starajacych sie

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PostWysłany: Pią 11:22, 07 Lut 2014    Temat postu: po ang - wyciskacz lez dla starajacych sie

He tells me to close my eyes and picture an airport in Heaven, a very special airport. Its where all the babies waiting to be born gather, so they can catch their flight to their Mam and Dad. In the departure lounge its mad busy. Flights, full with babies are leaving constantly. Yet there are some little mites who have been here a long time and it seems the airline has forgotten about them! Theres one little guy who has been waiting here ages. So long that sometimes he can’t help feel afraid that he's never going to get home. He watches the screens to see when the next flight to Dublin is, and is forever asking the staff if he is next. When he is tired he falls asleep in one of the plastic chairs and uses his little bag as a pillow. His little luggage consists mainly of boppies, nappies, babygros and a giant Toblerone bar for his Mammy that he bought in Duty Free. He's dying for a piece of it but he's keeping it for his Mammy as a little present. Sometimes he gets excited and thinks they have called his flight number but they haven't and he gets dissapointed that its not yet his turn.Sometimes he just stares out the window at the runway, watching all the planes take off and sheds a few private little tears. He can hear some of the other babies laughing and cheering as their flight number is called and although he is delighted for them, he wishes he was going to. He sits with the other babies who have been waiting a long time, even much, much longer than he has. Then came the glorious day when all his dreams came true and they did call his flight number! He grabbed up his little bag, the giant Toblerone and his plane ticket. He couldn’t believe his turn had finally come! It was so wonderful that he even asked his little buddies beside him if he was dreaming, and if he was, they weren’t to wake him up! Well, the little fella didn’t need to be called twice! He got himself first in the Q and soon as he was allowed, he ran down the little tunnel to the aeroplane. He wiped a tear from his eyes as he spotted the little green shamrock on the tail of the plane, just before he stepped on board. A green shamrock... this plane was going to take him to Ireland... and Ireland was home. He wondered how excited his Mammy and Daddy must be, waiting for his plane to land. He knew they would have his little bedroom all ready for him. He was too excited to be nervous about the flight. He held his breath as the plane took off. “This is it!” he thought. “I’m on my way!!!” seems some prayers are destined to remain unanswered... no sooner was the plane cruising in the air when the stewardesses announced that the plane had to turn back to the airport and let all the little passengers off. Something about a technical fault... The dissapointment of this was heartbreaking for the little guy-he just wanted to get on a plane and go meet his Mammy for the first time. Why was this so hard??? With a heavy heart he made his way back into the airport terminal with the other babies. In the departure lounge there is a Karaoke machine and its become a bit of a ritual when a flight is cancelled, that the little babies make their way into the lounge for a soda and cheer themselves up with singing some Karaoke. Apparently "Dont stop believing" by Journey is their favourite karaoke song! They also love "Livin on a prayer'. But when a flight has been cancelled there is only one song that will dry the tears and fill the hearts with hope and cheer again.. 'I knew you were waiting for me'....The little guy tries to stay in good form but it isn’t always easy and sometimes he gives out to the staff saying "my Mammy has been waiting ages for me! I'm next in the Q!" Then... one wonderful day, not too long after, they call out his name again... He can't believe it. He rubs his little eyes and goes up to join the Q, not running this time. His tiny hand still holds the plane ticket which says his Mammy’s name and the Rotunda Hospital. The writing is starting to smear cos he's been holding it so long in his sweaty little fist. His little legs are shaking. He knows that at any moment they can shatter his dreams by telling him he cannot fly today. As he steps onto the plane, his little heart is pounding with excitement! He can't believe it! He's finally on board again. The plane is full of rows of happy babies, all settling down for their long journey which will end when they meet their Mammy and Daddy in October. Then all of a sudden, as he approaches his seat he realizes some other little dude is sitting in it!!! Their tickets are identical! So he puts his little bag overhead and snuggles up with his new brother. He's overjoyed to have a little buddy for the journey. They chat to the other babies beside them, telling anyone who will listen that they are on their way to Dublin in Ireland to meet their Mammy!!! They try to pass the time by reading the “Cara in-flight magazine”, watching SkyScreen and eating their "chicken or beef?" but their little minds were racing! Not an hour passed where they didn't ask the stewardess if they were “there yet?”. They kept chatting away to themselves... something about "Mommy" and "cuddle" and "boppy"...Around 27 weeks into the flight, there was a scare onboard. The pilot thought he would have to make an emergency landing. My 2 little babes held onto each other tightly but it was a false alarm. The plane was back on track in no time. All the little babies broke out in a huge round of applause!!! As the plane got ready to land at Dublin Airport Brandon and Dylan peered out the window and couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. "Its all so green!" they kept saying. After the plane landed, they raced through the airport and outside where they rented a car and headed "South Bound" on the M50.Brandon was driving (propped up on a cushion-his tiny hands gripping the huge steering wheel and stilts on his tiny feet for the pedals). Dylan was co-pilot, reading the map and directions for Brandon. It was like the World rally Championship!"We've to head to the Rotunda Hospital Brandon-step on it!" Dylan cried. Off they flew in the car... “Don’t stop believing” blaring away on the CD player...The boys almost took the wrong exit off the M50. At the last minute Dylan shouted "go back Brandon! This isn't our turn! It's too early! We're looking for the September exit!" and with that Brandon quickly locked the wheel hard to the right, averting a significantly premature birth. A five minute silence followed as the boys blamed eachother for the wrong turn... Dylan finally confessed to having the map upside down! They pulled up outside the Rotunda Hospital and Brandon put enough money into the machine for an hour or two. This was going to be a caesarian delivery and the babies knew they had to be quick . They grabbed the Toblerone (now long melted) and rushed to Theatre One.....Meanwhile back at the airport another little guy is just getting settled into his little seat. He looks at his plane ticket... number 2552 and he knows it will be a long time before they call out his name. However there is a twinkle in his little blue eyes as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crumpled plane ticket that has a much lower flight number on it. His big brothers gave it to him before they caught their flight. They only needed 1 ticket cos they were twins and so they gave their little brother the extra ticket so he wouldn't be waiting too long to come join them. The airport staff did call his name shortly after and the little guy couldn't believe his luck! He grabbed his bag, and the giant Toblerone, and rushed up to join the Q. As he stepped onto the plane his little heart was thumping with excitment. This must have been what it was like for Brandon and Dylan he thought.... But he only had his little seat belt fastened when they announced that the plane was unable to fly that day cos there was too much turbulance and it wasn't safe...The little mite got all upset and rang Brandon on his mobile and told him that his flight was delayed. Brandon was really upset too and told him that the airport was "a kip" and that the staff there are useless!!! "They lost all my baby clothes when I was flying" Brandon told him. Dylan shouted from behind "yeah! When I came through I was in the nip!"His big brothers tell him not to be upset, there will be another flight soon. So the little guy heads into the departure lounge with the other babies from the flight and they turn on the Karaoke machine full blast! It helps dry his tears and take his mind off trying to get home , if only for a little while. Just as he is in the middle of belting out “One moment in time" he hears the airport staff call out his name and his flight number! He quickly drops the microphone that he had been swinging around, grabs his little bag and the giant Toblerone and makes his way towards the Q for the aeroplane. Hs tells himself not to get too excited in case something goes wrong again but his little heart is pounding with excitement and joy!As he tentatively steps onto the aeroplane he thinks “I’m only a heartbeat away Mammy... only a heartbeat away...”He settles himself into his little seat while chatting away to the babies beside him. He knows he has a long journey ahead of him but thats okay. He will be arriving the same day as Santa but the pilot promised he would get the little babies there a bit early so they wouldn't miss out on any pressies! The little guy tucks the green blanket around himself, flips through the Cara in-flight magazine and wonders will he go for the “chicken or beef?”. He has the shutter closed on the window beside him cos he can't see out in the blackness anyway. All the while he is humming “Jingle Bells” to himself...When the little guy has himself all snuggled up in his little seat, he pops his little earphones on and begins muinching his way through a a bag of pretzels. Overhead in his little bag are 2 presents for his big brothers when he arrives in December. He keeps checking SkyScreen to see how long left there is on the flight until it lands. December seems ages away! Brandon and Dylan told him that they will let Santa know he is arriving early and to leave out a pressie for him too. On his earphones he is listening to "I knew you were waiting for me..."When the song is over, he watches the TV while laughing his little socks off- Frank Spencer is on and its the one where Frank drives his car over the cliff!The little guy has a bag of jelly babies beside him and every now and again his tiny little fingers dip into the bag for a treat. Whenever the stewardess pass him, he asks her how long left there is until the plane lands at Dublin. On his special mobile he txts his big brothers who are beside themselves with excitement over his arrival! Every now and again they remind him to check he still has the giant Toblerone! Around 27 weeks into the flight, the little guy pulled up the window shutter very slowly. Golden glimpses of sunshine streak across the sky. It is so beautiful... it looks like Heaven... the little guy looks down at the ground below. Tiny specks of land are just visible. His big brothers had told him that once he starts to see beautiful green fields he will be over Ireland... and Ireland is home. The little guys breath catches as he takes it all in... "we're over Ireland!" He’s nearly home now...He turns off the TV, gobbles down his snack and listens to one last song on his little headphones. In his dreams he hears his Mammy sing it to him;"Where it was dark now theres lightWhere there was pain now theres joyWhere there was weakness I found my strengthAll in the eyes of my boy....."The plane touches down at Dublin Airport to cheering and applauding from all the little babies. Lee grabs his little bag, the giant Toblerone and makes his way into the airport. He wipes a tear from his eyes when he spots the Christmas and Santa decorations in the foyer. “I’m home in time for Christmas!”Lee races through the airport and outside where he rents a car and heads for the M50. Dylan had txted him the directions to the Rotunda Hospital but then Brandon txted him and gave him the proper directions so he’s finally on his way! Lee pops a CD into the player. As his little car flies down the M50 “South Bound” he sings his little heart out to “Beautiful Day" and “Santa Claus is coming to town”. He pulls up outside the Rotunda and puts enough money into the machine for an hour or two. This caesarean won’t take too long... he takes a deep breath, grabs the giant Toblerone and rushes to Theatre One... Lee looks up to see a smiling face looking down at him. His little nose is kissed a thousand times. He falls asleep contentedly in her arms within minutes, so happy. This is the lady he has seen in his dreams...his Mammy... he is finally home...

Meanwhile back at the airport, it is as busy as ever. Through the hazy sunshine pouring in through the entrance doors you can just make out a little figure as they enter the airport and take their first look around. Giant Toblerone sticking out of their little bag already.They spot a vacant seat just ahead and start to make their way over to it...

Ostatnio zmieniony przez Maria dnia Pią 11:23, 07 Lut 2014, w całości zmieniany 1 raz
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PostWysłany: Wto 20:57, 01 Kwi 2014    Temat postu:

Świetne opowiadanie Mario, bardzo wzruszające...
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nauczyciel NPR

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PostWysłany: Wto 21:14, 01 Kwi 2014    Temat postu:

Bardzo fajny tekst; nieszablonowy Mruga Ciekawe czy wiele starających się par snuje swoje prywatne historie w marzeniach o dziecku, które czeka na nich z takim samym utęsknieniem, jak oni na niego.

P.S. Moim zdaniem dobrze by było podzielić wpis na mniejsze akapity, łatwiej by się czytało - teraz tekst się zlewa przy czytaniu.
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pierwszy wykres

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PostWysłany: Pią 10:23, 11 Kwi 2014    Temat postu:

Aż tak dobry z angielskiego nie jestem, ale chyba zrozumiałem co powinienem. Dobry tekst.

Z akapitami Acayra ma rację Mruga Przejrzyściej by było, ale to tylko uwaga techniczna.
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za stara na te numery

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PostWysłany: Pią 17:25, 11 Kwi 2014    Temat postu:

Fifelek - usuń reklamę!
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